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  • Love this thread dude. Watched the 44 teeth budget bike battle again last night after seeing in the TV in your garage shot.

    Just a quick one regarding handguards. Do you think that you will be bushwhacking and very often? I only say as I have used all types but I much prefer open ends as I hold the grip quite close to the end of the bar. The style like TP runs in the picture (any excuse to post one of the most beautiful bikes ever ha). Good protection from branches and bushes but not as good against rocks. So much more comfortable though. Look at most of the pro enduro guys, they don't run full wrap arounds and the ergonomics on the open end are so much better.

  • It really is a classic series and seems like they've done very well out of it too. Just wish they'd do more of the recent modifying videos, especially the SRAD, but they're busy lads so will let them off.

    The desire for metal full wrap around handguards is mainly for protection when dropping the thing. Never had a bike this new and with so little miles I'm keen to protect it if possible. No doubt it'll seen a few dirt naps in the next few months. Will see how i get on comfort wise with the Acerbis ones fitted and think about what you've said, thanks!


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