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  • Out of interest, what sort of premium does it attract?

    From personal experience looking at Laka a few years back, it was 10% of the bike new price (incl. VAT) per annum - which I found ludicrous.
    Paying £500 insurance per annum for a bicycle seemed way excessive as my combined 1x car / 1x motorbike / 1x house premium was lower than that.

    EDIT: just had a look and a £5k bike is £30pcm and "no more than" £45 so let's say £30x6months+£45x6months=£180+£270=£450

    At this rate, you might as well look at leasing a cargo bike since the sums involved are more than a motorised vehicle!

  • well it does vary. tbh i've never looked at the year as a whole, but it's usually about £30/month and the bikes would cost about £7500 to replace


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