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  • cynical and shameless opportunism

    Vomitous speeches as well. Won’t dignify them by re-quoting here, but viewed detachedly this is a fine example of the ruthlessness of politics and the ignominious mindset of politicians.

  • The whole thing is nausea inducing

  • Some politicians will have good intentions with this... social media is an utter dumpster fire. All the assholery inside people's heads on full display.

    However..aside from the privacy issues etc... how do they think they can control social media posters from outside the UK?

    And GHCQ is also posting under fake names (lolz)

    And what about indeed their accountability?
    The Cons acceptance of the xenophobia after Brexit rather than stating "This is un-British behavior, fuck off" off is an example...
    And that of the newspapers? The whole Leveson inquiry ended with a dud...and newspaper publish under real names.

    But again I don't think all of them act cynically. If I were a politician I'd be off twitter and all that...too much arseholery. I don't have an easy solution, I just doubt this is it.


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