• Also it's now , I think, one side only shared between pedestrians and cyclists as they reduced the width of the northbound pavement to make space for the road so that's now divided in two lanes for either direction (before there was one lane southbound)

  • You're right.

    It's a joke. On the left of the northbound side there are signs for the various cycle routes (east and west). Who does TFL think are reading those signs? Even as an experienced rider I have no desire to mix it with the 2 lanes of heavy traffic going northb0und.

    I vaguely thought TFL were supposed to be doing good things.

  • It's pretty poor, and I think it was a redesign after consultation due pressure from residents and car users not impact traffic flow.
    The cycle path is supposed to be bidirectional but is so inconvenient I never use it eastwards.
    Cs9 /cw9 abruptly stops there and is supposed to continue to brentford and hounslow eventually, so potentially some improvements are possible at some unknown time in the future.


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