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  • Rosemary & Bay Ale looks & smells great. Hoping to bottle it today.

  • I'd love to try that Rosemary and Bay ale! Sounds interesting.

    very kind words from @Oliver Schick - I think that Belgian Tripel was indeed a success, but I would have liked to carbonate it more (it was only bottle conditioned, and I under-primed bc of a bad experience with a bottle bomb in the past).
    Oddly enough, I do actually have a CO2 tank, which I previously tried (and failed) to hook up to my sodastream, so does anyone have a cheap suggestion of how to use that to carbonate without going down the route of kegs?

  • I'd love to try that Rosemary and Bay ale! Sounds interesting

    It's a simple (crude) recipe, I should've linked here to it:­-and-rosemary-ale/

    I made a half batch.

    A bit of applied brewing science could probably help make much more of it I guess

    On bottling late last night the samples tasted quite sweet/syrupy but it'd had 14 days and the fg was 1.006 so I hope it'll simply benefit from a few weeks in bottle before I drink more.

    It was quite fizzy so I dialed back on the priming sugar too and am hoping for no bottle bombs, although I read somewhere that swing-tops will self-vent under big pressure as the swing & seal will budge bit before the glass gives?... I hope that's the case.


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