• Thanks - there's no dishwasher currently. In my latest plan I've got rid of the washing machine (can stay in the utility room for now) and the new dishwasher is added next to the sink:


    The sink is where the current sink is and the oven is where the current oven is.

    I like your layout - just not sure it'd be practical on a DIY level (moving sink and oven - currently electric range with gas hob, moving to electric double under and induction hob). Also feel there'd be an awful lot of tidying to do on the wall under the windows - I'm no plasterer.

    Also - extraction - what on earth is that hanging thing?

  • Way better, but no fridge now!
    I also don't like corner cupboards.
    Of course my example means a lot of stuff needs to change.
    But if you already have power for an oven it might not be too complicated to add enough power for induction?

    Hanging thing pretends to filter air, don't remember the model. Makes sense as you also get good light over the hob.

    Should really not be here anyway, as the modern kitchen is not where I live and what I have is a mid 90s bodged Ikea catastrophy in a rental.

  • Yeah, took out the fridge because I forgot how much they cost / I'm looking at a £2.5k vented hob I really don't need (but hate overhead extraction) so figured I have a functional (just) fridge that will do because who needs more fluorinated hydrocarbons sailing around.


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