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  • Thanks, I didn't know any of that. No shortage of post-WWII colonialism-related atrocities, like this in France:

    According to officials at the time, less than a handful of protesters died at the hands of Paris police, then led by the former Nazi collaborator Maurice Papon. Historians say the number killed, many of them beaten and thrown into the River Seine, was between 50 and 120, while Algeria has said the death toll in the “massacre” could have been as high as 300.

    The Élysée statement acknowledged: “In addition to many wounded, several dozen were killed, their bodies thrown into the Seine. Many families never found the remains of their loved ones who disappeared that night. The president of the republic pays tribute to the memory of all the victims.”


    Officers shot at protesters and arrested up to 12,000 many of whom were herded on to buses and taken to makeshift detention centres, where they claimed police beat and tortured them and deprived them of food for days. Police also herded the panicked crowds on to city bridges over the Seine and were accused of throwing protesters into the river.

    The official death toll was given as two and was only revised upwards when bodies began washing up on the riverbanks and turned up in woods near the detention centres.­ct/17/macron-crackdown-on-1961-algerian-­antiwar-protest-unforgiveable

    Not nearly as many victims as in Indonesia, but still. These were people who went on a demonstration.