• Don't love the sink in the corner but needs must - don't want it too close to the hob?

    I don't really want a full height wall either, surely it just makes it feel cramped/looming?

    Plan attached. Can't do a horse shoe because doors at both ends and low window.

    Looking at it top down I'm going to build a built-in table thing with a bench against the top wall where the old fireplace used to be (long since covered up). Planning to bring a new fridge into the alcove on the top left (currently the fridge is outside in the hallway - far from ideal).

    Get a matching cupboard to fit around the eye line mounted boiler which is currently boxed in all the way to the floor. Use the space under as a tall cleaning space (brooms/hoover/mop etc - currently it's just shitty shelves filled with arts and craft tat).

    Then a low bench in the same style (I'll build from mdf/battens and clad in the same unit fascias) from the new boiler boxing underneath the window to where the units/work surface start. Then an L shaped run that somehow fits in the sink, hob, washing machine and dishwasher on the same wall. New morning/mrs cyoa consultation is now open to a tall unit for the oven.

    Above the pan drawers on the left will be some kind of open shelf (probably peg board or something simple for now) for books/plants/accoutrements then above the hob a pan rack with knife rack nearby on that wall somewhere.

    Then on the bit of wall next to the chimney stack / the door to the utility room, have a coffee counter (reduced depth unit with worksurface/splashbacks ) and an open shelf above it for coffee machine (technivorm, so no need to plumb in)/grinder/cups etc.

    Basically many times the storage and surface we currently put up with and crucially no longer the rotting/falling apart mess we inherited (and haven't progressed) three years ago.


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