• My two Belgian beers have bottle conditioned and I am doing a little tasting on Saturday evening- any brewers willing to travel to NW10 very welcome!
    Moules frites and other Belgian snacks provided as well ­čśť

  • So, huge thanks to jdmitch and his wife for hosting a truly excellent beer tasting and all-round lovely evening. He gave us each three glasses, and because, as usual, I wasn't paying attention, I thought that two of them were his, when in fact only one was. I tasted the first beer and thought that was great (as did the others who were there), but that the other two weren't as good. Well, the two others turned out to be the shop-bought beers. No word of a lie, it was that good. The other beer, which was fruitier, was also very tasty, although no comparison was set up. Great stuff, and I hope you brew more!