• Am I remembering right that you got them from diespeker? We went for bottom furthest right sample from terrazzo
    -tiles and apart from it costing £190 (which they don't tell you about until after you pay) for import fees and delivery it seems pretty straight forward.

  • Thats the place, tbf once I actually went and picked mine up (only needed 9 tiles so didn't want to pay 50% of the tile price in delivery) they were amazing, friendly and gave me two extra tiles for free incase of breakages, which is very lucky as two broke.

    The hassle was actually getting the tiles, took about 5 orders with things turning out to be out of stock and then the final ones they had were 15mm too thick which they very kindly honed down (I guess they wanted shot of them and me by then).

    And here is another reason I started this thread, worth noting due to its fragility Terrazzo needs a more solid sub floor - if I had followed Diespekers recommendation it would have ended up 5cm higher than the adjoining floor! Luckily I got some cheeky tricks off my friendly neighbourhood architect and halved that.


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