• Induction. Induction? Someone? I have nice cast iron pans but other than that, open to getting new sets. I'd like to wok. I'd like to use a griddle plate.

    I just feel I wouldn't get on with it. Someone reassure me?

  • i love induction and will never go back to gas

  • Think we had this discussion on the kitchen appliances thread and @Acliff looked into it quite extensively.

  • I recently got a Smeg dual fuel 90cm multizone induction hob with 6kw gas wok burner.

    Its very nice, though the controls are not as tactile as having physical dials.
    Boils water super efficiently, excellent control of temperature.

    I'm in the hyper careful phase of not scratching the top, though as soon as I have a scratch on it, I probably won't care.

    My larger 'pasta/stock' pans look induction compatible but they are not, so I'm boiling water in a Le Crueset casserole.

    6kw wok burner is also very nice, works well with my round bottomed hammered carbon steel wok, and also for situations where the pan needs to move more (saute).

  • Induction is absolutely fantastic. Would never have anything else.


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