• Plans for the Merida are starting to form. The paint is very ratty, tempted to either leave as is with lots of wax or fully strip and powder coat. The Hooger Booger will be the main donor but I picked up a 90s Scott this afternoon too, which has a decent haul of lovely grey XTR M950 bits.

    It's got XTR Fr and Rr derailleurs (Rr needs new jockey wheels and will most likely go on the Tricross), XTR triple with a reasonable BB (preliminary research indicates that Garbaruk do a direct mount single ring, which would replace the integrated triple spider), and the wheels are XTR hubs with 26" Mavic 217 Ceramic rims. Frame is way too small for me, so along with a few other bits from it, will get sold on. Sadly the green Michelin tyres are well past it..

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