• Not sure if this is the best place for it but its wheel related. Just got a great deal on a nearly new pair of nearly new Knight xc rims on DT swiss 240 exp cl hubs. The front hub is 12 mm. I needed 15mm and it turns out the new exp hubs are aren't reverse compatible like the old ones. 15 mm end caps are available for these but only as a step down from the 20mm version or replacements for the 15mm version. The shell is too small to swap the internals for the 15mm spec. So i was about the buy a new front hub and get the wheel rebuilt but came across these JJP&E axle reducer kits. Simple 2x custom width 15mm od 12mm id rings. One threaded inside and out the other friction fit and a replacement 12mm axle. Works perfectly for anyone who has loads of wheels and bikes in rotation or just for my specific problems. I got mine from uk supplier Adapt cycles. I'd never heard of these kits and only stumbled across them on day 3 of googling.

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  • For a retro bastard you sure are up to date with your thru axles. looks like a good fix for a problem that is undoubtably common while the industry decides on what standards they're going to stick with.