• Recently purchased a Bushcraft Essential Bushbox ultralight to use with an Esbit stove. I have only used few times but so far happy with it. I have a relatively narrow 750 ml pot and with the alcohol stove the flames lick the sides of the pot and it's not as efficient as with a larger diameter pot. An advantage of the Bushbox is that you can purchase additional ash-tray to put at the bottom and then use it with solid fuel tablets or even make your own fire with twigs (if location and conditions are appropriate to do so safely). If it is windy, you definitely need some sort of windscreen.

    Like the Tangria triangle you can carry it flat, takes 1 minute to assemble and weights 70 grs.

    Since this is not designed especifically to use with alcohol stove, there is a trick to put out the flame: just remove the inner rubber seal of the stove's lid and slide it through the open side panel to place it on top of the stove.

  • Could work as an alternative. It has the top piece which would help if you're just taking a mug or small pot that doesn't fit over the top. If you were using a bigger pot you could just drop the Trangia shield/lid on the top to put it out without trying to slot it in.
    I hate how expensive these things are for some pressed steel. If I was back home I'm sure I could get someone to make me something for fuck all out of offcuts or something.

  • I can recommend the trangia triangle. I’ve been using one for years.
    Also I’ve found that some fuels burn hotter/faster than others. There’s probably comparisons online somewhere.


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