• Yeah, I can understand that. But we were cooking slow anyway due to only have one pot so I wonder if boil time will annoy me that much? I also want to get one of those heat exchanger pots like I showed you that will reduce boil time quite substantially.

    Last minute (as is the way with me) buying of canisters also problematic and what do you do when they're empty? They're like the cooking equivalent of CO2 carts that I'm keen to avoid if possible. The piezo starter and simplicity of your MSR thing was pretty trick though... damn it!

  • You can repurpose a car windscreen reflector to make a pot cosy, if you have food that you want to simmer. We use one for our diy dehydrated meals if we need more than a pot's worth of water. (boil and divide into bowls and put bowls in cosy). Keeps food hot hot for about 20 minutes.

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  • That's an option. We only had the one pot and one spork. I ran out of time to sort out more. Could've taken a ti mug but didn't want to danglemug. Hindsight is wonderful..


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