• I have a Ryde Andra 30 rim on a LX T610 front hub (rim brake only)

    Could I change out the hub for a disc LX equivalent without replacing all the spokes?

    First foray into rebuilding a wheel, and unsure of the tolerances allowed on spoke lengths. Shimano spec table with diameters in below.

  • I reckon your spokes will fit fine, providing they’re not completely poking through the nipple currently. My rough calcs are giving similar length on the drive side, and about 1mm less on the non-drive. Dubtap’s comment seems to suggest you need longer spokes, but the PCD is larger and the flange - centre measurement is about the same on the drive side, and a bit less on the non-drive side.

    If you do reuse your spokes, it’s a good idea to seperate the inbound and outbound spokes as you go, and relace them the same way in the new hub. The outbounds have been bent a little to angle in towards the rim.

  • My rough calcs

    Which include guesses on the spoke count and existing lacing, since the OP hasn't stated these 🙄


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