• Lovely bits of kit, no doubt, but £800 feels pretty steep to me for carbon wheels with 10,000km on...

    If that's what they're going for on the open market then fair enough, but contextually my Enve M70/Chris King wheelset for my MTB were this kind of money and they were pretty well brand spankers.

  • Enve M70/Chris King

    You got an absolute bargain for that wheelset; I’ve never ever seen similar go for anywhere near as little as £800, especially ‘brand spankers’ and I’ve been keeping my eyes out for that kind of thing for a while!

  • As luck would have it the previous owner was also down on holiday near me the month after I bought them so I could collect in person!

    I am aware that it was a good price (I hesitate to use the word ‘deal’ when talking about spending twice what I spent on my first car on a pair of wheels). Mine were from Pinkbike.


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