• The Bottecchia is great indeed. You're lucky to have found it.

    But that's one heck of a tour, from Berlin to San Sebastian. Can we read/see more about it somewhere?

  • I haven’t written and posted anything about it yet. The route was in large part a combination of different Eurovelo routes cause I wanted to cover some distance without having to deal with traffic too much. I started in Berlin and mostly rode the EV2/EV3 to Bonn. From there I took the EV15 and rode southwards along the rhine and crossed into Switzerland to visit a friend in Zurich. From there I rode on the EV 6 through France and followed the Loire all the way to the Atlantic. From Saint-Nazaire I followed the Atlantic Coast Route EV1 to San Sebastian, then turned inland into the Pyrenees towards Pamplona and then Back into France on the EV3 Pilgrim’s Route.

    In total I had 35 days of riding and about 10 rest days. Total distance covered was roughly 3800km with daily kms ranging between 60 and a little over 200. The latter was not really sustainable though on a schwalbe marathon plus equipped 26er on a multi-week tour :D I camped in the wild for the large part with the occassional night on a camp site when I needed a warm shower. Here’s some more impressions:

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