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  • Definitely loose cassette rather than a freewheel issue- the cogs shouldn’t have that amount of independent play (assuming 1-3 are a single unit, which it looks like).

    I’ve had that issue when, in haste, I’ve mis-installed the smallest cog. The lockring then tightens correctly, but the cogs aren’t compressing, leading to this. If it turns out you do need spacers, I might have a couple suitable .5mm freehub spacers you can have in SE24.

  • I'll take it apart again when i get home today and double check that. The cassette has 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 in two groups, the singles for the rest. All the midway spacers are present and correct.

    I did manage to get a 1mm spacer from my LBS at lunch time today, so if checking the smallest cog doesn't prove to be the issue, I'll try rebuilding it with that spacer and see where that gets me.


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