• I need to swap SRAM AXS hydro from one identical size frame to another. What's the best way of moving the hydro brakes over? Unbolt the hose at the shifters, try and plug the hose, pull out hose from the back of the frame with the hose still connected to the callipers. Then push the hose up through the new frame and reconnect to the shifters? As I haven't cut the hoses do I just bleed the system then?

    Or is it best to disconnect at the callipers? I imagine it would be easier to feed the hose down the frame rather than up, but from what I've heard its better to leave the callipers connected and disconnect at the lever?

  • i'd imagine you need to replace the 'olives'

    aliexpress copy of park tools internal cable kit is decent or floss and a vacuum cleaner

    1. Removing at the levers is best. They have a connectamajig which seals the lever and therefore DOT doesn't piss out everywhere.
    2. You probably won't be able to seal the hose, but keeping the end up means you should lose too much fluid.
    3. You can cut the olive off (red bit) if you're careful and re-use the barb, but if the holes in your frame are big enough, leave the olive on and re-use them both.
    4. If you're not careful, cut the whole lot off, losing about 1cm of hose length and re-install a new barb. Or if you're feeling pro, use a Reverb Barb to seal the hose when you're maneuvering it.
    5. You might not need to bleed afterwards, especially the front one if you're careful. Only squeezing the lever will tell you this.

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