• I’m stuck on what bike I want, partly due to lack of test rides. Marple/ Peak District area mainly, very occasional trail centres but not into jumping or big drops. I guess our local trails are fairly steep and rocky but not Lake District standard!

    Currently I have a Scott scale- this is fine for local xc races and marathons and does ok on local trails.

    After riding a mates canyon full sus I liked how the back wheel gripped more and let me push on the rocky stuff more. But does riding a full sus eventually get boring/ take the challenge out of local stuff?

    Is the answer basically have 2 bikes?

  • Current frame is rigid, but the fork has lockout albeit it’s a suntour fork so a bit shit. I did think about getting new wheels and forks for the scale but it’s a lot of ££ to still have a slightly out of date bike. Hence thinking about new. Just can’t decide if I want a full on xc full sus, a slightly more trail/ marathon like trek fuel, or a more trail hardtail like cotic


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