• Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately my bike was ransacked by a thief for the handlebar, front wheel, fork, shifters and has left me behind with the rear wheel, frame, seat post, saddle and a few other bits and bobs.

    Luckily, the bike was insured but due to its age can't be put back together and so I'm left to sell the spare parts to go towards a new bike.

    I've added pictures of the items, if someone wants to buy them all-together then I'll provide a discount. Otherwise each of the items are listed below.

    Shimano Tiagra Rear Mech: £ 10
    Shimano Tiagra Front Mech: £ 10
    Scott Speedster S10 Frame: £ 100
    Scott Pro Brake Caliper: £ 5
    AlexRims R500 with 9 Speed Casette and Shimano Hub (with new-ish 23mm Gatorskins): £50
    Scott Seatpost: £ 20
    Scott saddle: £ 10

    Or take the whole thing for £175?

    I've just guessed the prices tbh, let me know if they're wack.



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