• I have a pair of BKs, the double 10” sealed jobs, paired with the Heresies snd they’re excellent, no lack of depth at all and very crisp, no bloat if you dial it in right.

    I called them and asked about sealed v ported and they advised only to go ported for AV setups.

  • Thanks Steve, makes sense. Two subs is deffo the correct way but really can't make that work in the room here.

    I think one 12" will make a huge difference.

    Years ago, I had a set up with stand mounts and one huge B&W sub; it was the nuts. :)

  • Tbh I’m pretty sure there’s no benefit to stereo imaging with 2 subs, certainly not with how narrow my room is, it’s just there’s an open stairwell and no partitions so I need to pressurise the whole volume of the building to get a good thump.