• i have a cunning plan for @dbr to make a bench seat kind of thing, under which will be a sub.

    so in answer to the inevitable question from my nearest and dearest about why i have bought another speaker, i will be able to confirm that it is definitely not another speaker.

    oh no, it is definitely something else.

    but which sub?
    this one
    or this one

    I'm thinking that the top one, slightly smaller, sealed box is going to be best but interested in other views.

    Room is not huge, roughly 5mx4m, high ceiling, suspended floor.

    edit: purely for 2 channel stereo, no AV set up.

  • Anecdotally I’d go sealed for music. You don’t need to go down to 15Hz for hifi, should have tighter more musical bass too. The bigger one is also too big to put under a bench seat 😉

    My 12” sealed sub did fine in our open plan living / kitchen with high ceilings and suspended floors. Speaking of which, it’s now been retired so if you’d like to try it out you’re very welcome.

  • Ah, that's amazing news about your sub (you mean you don't need 12" Tannoys and and 12" sub?!)

    Will be in touch!


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