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  • Hi forum members
    I thought you might be able to help me as I'm no  an expert on looks frames.

    Longer story short .
    Just swapped this bike a couple of mouths back for a a look 56 framset.
    The member didn't mention any issues with bike but obviously I didn't check it thoroughly  enough. I didn't get the opportunity to build so I decided to move it on. Unfortunately the person brought it back a bit worried as he felt it was maybe an hairline facture around lugs.What you think If it is damaged then I have  contacted he previous owner from this forum but he hasn't answered my DMs or text messages which leaves me wondering Thanks stephen🤔

  • I’d agree that it’s almost certainly the paint cracking around the join of the lug and the tube, where it has flexed (all frames do) and the lacquer has cracked. Keep an eye on it, but I wouldn’t worry about it, I’ve seen it on Look frames before.


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