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  • A few changes in the last couple of weeks, a couple of things to tick off the upgrade list:

    -Some less flappy guards with more coverage

    I got a set of SKS Bluemels from Wiggle, with a fiver off thanks to a Honey code. Fairly easy to set up in principle but I easily over complicated things trying to get the fitment just right. A lot of measuring, and an education in dremelling later (I got it for my birthday in August and am looking for any excuse to get it out), and they fit ok. Definitely better to do this just by eye, it will save time and sanity. The guards are probably a little too close fitting but they look pretty sleek. Maybe verging on too sensible and not quite 'Insta bling' enough. (Respray with matte finish?).

    -The brakes need fine tuning, better pads

    I picked up some Kool Stop Eagle 2s at the Bristol bike jumble at the weekend. People talk a lot about Kool Stop as a must do upgrade, but I found it hard to imagine a pad making a whole lot of difference to 30 year old canti performance. BOY was I wrong. I spend a little time balancing out the spring tension on the arms, and giving the rims a proper iso clean, then chucked on the pads. Took it for a test down the back alley and was skidding left right and centre, I even got my girlfriend to do her first skid. I've only been cleaning my rims with iso for the last few months and it's made a big difference on both bikes, but this is a new level of stoppage. It also removes something else from my list...

    -Is it wrong to want a front disc? Just for fun

    Yes that's right. I'm happy enough with this braking that my disc-curious rumblings have been reduced to a murmur. Let's see how long that lasts. I give it a few wet rides.

    Why don't more brands go for this look on their packaging? Looking for a way to get this eagle on the bike somehow. Cardboard has been cut out and kept safe.

  • Many of the "ancient" members of the retro MTB community told me they either used Kool-Stop, Swissstop or Scott brake pads for racing. Kool-Stop was probably the most common one -for a reason, it's truly amazing how much of a difference can it make.
    Your bike looks awesome!

  • I was put off by the higher price of them initially. Spending half as much as the cost of the bike on a set of pads didn't compute. But these were £10 for the set from the jumble, well well worth it!


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