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  • I managed to fix the bent bullmoose situation by getting them bent a little bit more in different places by a nice man at Bristol Bike Project. Now if I squint and don't pay too much attention while I'm riding along I can barely tell that they're not straight. I think the bar set up looks a lot cleaner now, but still not 100% on how shiny this bike is getting. For now that also takes this off the list:

    -Ano something? Didn’t think I’d ever say that. Definitely not needed but finding it hard to resist

    Shine reduction tips welcome.

    I've also stuck on a ZTTO cassette to fix a skipping 6th cog I've been suffering from since going 9 speed on the cheap. I've been using ZTTO SLR cassettes on my road bike for a while now and been really impressed, this one is no different so far. £17 for an 11-36 with 10 days delivery is great, and shifting is super hot.

    Here's an updated to-do list from the first post:

    -Still want some more suitable MTB cranks as the 5 bolt looks a bit off here
    -Maybe some nicer pedals
    -Make it less blingy, while making it more practical. But looking less stealable. While making it nicer.

    I've been making most of these changes on the shared patio out the back of my flat. It's definitely feeling like autumn here and I've had my coat on with a cup of tea. I love this time of the year, feels fucking ace.

    I'll get a good pic of the whole bike as it stands tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.


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