• Fenwicks chain cleaner and chain sponge (the sponge is a gamechanger)
    Bilthammer Surfex HD degreaser (diluted)
    Car wheel brush
    Worx battery jetwash

  • (the sponge is a gamechanger)

    Haven’t used one. How is it different from a regular tough sponge?

    I use:
    Kitchen citrus degreaser + warm water + hard brush or park tool chain cleaner, for tough grease.
    Muc Off + recycled cotton strips, everything else.

    Last bike shop I worked at used Weldtite aerosol degreaser for tough stuff, then Crankalicious (100mL bottle) products and kitchen roll for everything else. It didn’t seem very efficient or good for the people in the windowless workshop.

    (Changed for brevity)

  • My sponge has become pretty gummed up, any tips?

    I'm trying Peaties foaming degreaser instead of Fenwick's now, to avoid aerosol


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