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  • You started in the Premier League, the Test is one of the greatest rivers in the World.

    There is endless advice available, but much depends on the sort of waters you are most likely to fish. As an all-rounder a rod rated for a 5 or 6 weight line and of about 9ft long would cover most situations. I thoroughly recommend the made in China Maxcatch range, I use their 3 weight for all my chalkstream fishing (I paid about £40), it is significantly better than rods I own that cost over £300. I also use one of their 9 weight travel rods in the tropics, it is brilliant.

    Reels are largely used as line reservoirs, you don't need to spend money on them, I have one you would be welcome to.

    Spend money on lines, they DO make a difference, I would recommend Cortland 444, a weight forward (WF) is easier to cast for a beginner.

    Send me a DM if you would like to talk further, there is so much to say.


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