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  • Shutting down London's roads in Monday morning rush hour after a week of fuel shortages - I don't think it's quite a Canning Town station moment, but if the general public's bemusement becomes anger is it working?­ndon-58787144

    I honestly can't decide how I feel about latest actions. Generally I think it's working - they're getting headlines, they're generating discussion - but when Patel sends the army in and the average person cheers, is it really going to lead to anything constructive?

  • I think it's also that thing where people feel that they're being fucked with as they're just trying to go about their ordinary lives.

    How would you feel if your cycle to work had some decent dedicated cycle routes that saved you time and a group of people blockaded you in so you couldn't continue and even getting out to then go find a longer more inconvenient route was really difficult?


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