• On my hardtail enduro bike I have wheels with Ryde Edge rims, I got them trued by a lbs (because some nipples unscrewed) and noticed there were big differences in tension of each spoke afterwards...
    I decided to bring the wheels to a wheel builder after that because I want them to be perfect, this guy told me that it's a mess and it needs to be redone completely.
    But; he says that these Ryde rims are of a soft material and you can only build them once and not a second time because they will be deformed afterwards. I never heard anything like this before, can someone tell me if this is true:/

  • not specifically about ryde rims, but yes, a rim can deform when you build it, and you can tell the difference between a fresh rim and a used one when building a wheel. But saying that it can be only built once is something I did not heard before. maybe when you crash the rim to a potatocrisp-esque form. Re-doing the spoke tensions and truing it should be enough to keep your wheelset ridable.


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