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  • Swytch motor is a 250W one and generates 40nm torque, this power is handled fine by the regular Brompton fork or any fork in general. If you don't override it to go faster it shouldn't cause problems.

    You'd need a torque arm support for beefier engines or a stronger fork like the Brompton.

    Still true all that's been said re warranty tho.

  • Handled fine as in it doesn't fail right now, but interested to see the result of months/years use on UKs fine roads ;)

    Got any pics of the current iteration of their axle/anti turn washers/axle nuts? Be interesting to see what their fix was.

  • The problem is that regardless of thr torque of the motors, forks are not made to have motor in the first place.

    It also mean that whatever happen to the bike, warranty will never cover it, even if unrelated to the motor.


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