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  • Made Braunston earlier than I thought. Had an appointment to see an engineer at Union Canal Carriers who is regarded as the best when it comes to SABB engines.

    His opinion was that it is in pretty much perfect condition, all original apart from 1 piece of wire and the additional alternator. needs some coolant adding before winter but not much else other than a clean and looking after. talked me though everything, topped up my gearbox oil and gave me 5l of the oil he had used on for years on the SABBs. Lovely guy, seriously impressed with my metric both sides tape measure, ‘what f*cking use is that!’

    Said it was a shame someone has ‘shut it up’ with twin silencers. I suggested removing both but he thought that may be a bit extreme, so think I will have one of them removed on the way back down.

    did my first couple of tunnels also. light at the end of it, somewhere..!

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