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  • Teams

    1. Hot Mess (Ziemek, Jakub, Chukker)
    2. Mandem (Saul, Louie, Adam)
    3. Luxury Pringle (Callum/Matt, Tom/Lucy)
    4. Mmmbop (max, Matt, Ali)
    5. Big Boys (Lex, Mya, Jess)
    6. Buzz Kill (Tony, Jono, Cam)
    7. Crossdressers (Trimm, Liv, Lore)
    8. Tutus (Danny, Danny, JH)
    9. Humpty Humps (benji,felix,woody)
    10. Too Timid To Slay (Josh, Miles, Dany)
    11. Apolocalypse Meow (Will,James,Mo,Loz)
    12. Maladroit Malleteers (Ted, George, Arran)
    13. Rule #1 (beagl, colin, rodder)
    14. Chillum (charlie, jimmy, nico)

    This post is continuously updated. Rounds are released, fixtures announced (date, time, location) and results posted here.

    Round 1

    Fixture window: 18 Oct - 16 Nov
    Hot Mess v Tutus: 1-1

    Mandem v Humpty Humps: 1-1

    Luxury Pringle v Too Timid To Slay: 0-2

    Mmmbop v Apolocalypse Meow: 2-0

    Big Boys v Maladroit Malleteers: 2-0

    Buzz Kill v Rule No 1: 2-0

    Crossdressers v Chillum: 2-0

    Hot Mess v Mandem: 1-1

    Luxury Pringle v Tutus: 1-1

    Mmmbop v Humpty Humps: 0-2

    Big Boys v Too Timid To Slay: 0-2

    Buzz Kill v Apolocalypse Meow: 2-0

    Crossdressers v Maladroit Malleteers: 2-0

    Chillum v Rule No 1: 0-1-1

    Round 2

    Fixture window: 22 Nov - 22 Dec

    Hot Mess v Luxury Pringle: 2-0

    Mmmbop v Mandem: 0-2

    Big Boys v Tutus

    Buzz Kill v Humpty Humps

    Crossdressers v Too Timid To Slay

    Chillum v Apolocalypse Meow

    Rule No 1 v Maladroit Malleteers

    Hot Mess v Mmmbop: Weds 26 Jan, Mitch

    Big Boys v Luxury Pringle: 2-0

    Buzz Kill v Mandem: 2-0

    Crossdressers v Tutus

    Chillum v Humpty Humps: 0-2

    Rule No 1 v Too Timid To Slay

    Maladroit Malleteers v Apolocalypse Meow

    Round 3

    Fixture window: 1 Jan - 31 Jan

    Hot Mess v B‐Boy Bouillabaisse

    Buzz Kill v Mmmbop

    Crossdressers v Luxury Pringle

    Chillum v Mandem

    Rule No 1 v Tutus

    Maladroit Malleteers v Humpty Humps

    Apolocalypse Meow v Too Timid To Slay

    Hot Mess v Buzz Kill

    Crossdressers v B‐Boy Bouillabaisse

    Chillum v Mmmbop

    Rule No 1 v Luxury Pringle

    Maladroit Malleteers v Mandem

    Apolocalypse Meow v Tutus

    Too Timid To Slay v Humpty Humps


    Mmmbop v Too Timid: 0-2


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