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  • Polo peeps. It is time. Same format, same rules:

    -2 x 15 minute games
    -3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
    -Round robin

    Ruleset: NAH

    Results can be found here in the League Table.

    We release two matches per month (2x15 min games). These matches must be played within the four-week window. Teams schedule their own games. If a team is difficult to schedule, or if a match doesn't get played in time, the MComm will enforce forfeits. There is flexibility if both teams are trying to schedule but can't get it done within the month for a legit reason.

    At least two regular team members should play each match. If possible, subs should not be league players. Subs should normally be of equal skill level as the person they are subbing for. The opposing team can authorise any sub (including someone who is a league player - but only in a pinch, e.g. if the regular player can't make it at the last minute). If an opposing team doesn't want to authorise a sub, then the MComm will decide.


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