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  • All of them.

    Ha! Yeah that newer service course sl would be the one.

    I’ll get the bike built up and go a spin with my 110 on and see how it feels. All going well I’ll take it!
    How many pennies for it?

  • Zoom into the second pic and you’ll see some scratching. Honestly, once you fit it you’ll never notice it again. I forgot it was there.

    £35 if you can collect from E5? Or wherever our paths may cross on commutes etc..

    I’m in no rush, if you need it sometime give me a shout.

  • I’m afraid I’m not in Laaandan but keen if you can post?

    I’ll pm you

  • Zoom into the second pic and you’ll see some scratching

    Don't worry, your eyes will be averted by the huge stack of spacers and it'll be on the bottom anyway 'cos positive riiiiiiise.



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