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  • I’m up on islay this week but up for next week.

    Any light recommendations? Mine are good got commuting in the city but not sure about further afield.

  • My rear light is an Exposure Blaze Mk3 ReAKT. It's pretty expensive but very good and I reckon a decent rear light is well worth the money for riding in the dark. It flares when you brake which is also really good.

    For front lights to see by rather than just be seen I have a Moon ADJ800 but I don't think they make these anymore. These are a bit more tricky as they get expensive quickly and I got mine so I could do some off-road stuff too. I'd look for something that can do 800 lumens (they all tend to cover a wider range depending on mode), ideally with a wider beam and a mount that doesn't mean you need to break out the allen keys every time you put it on. If you can find one with an external battery pack it'll last longer, a lot of the ones that look like torches have quite a short burn time on the highest setting, but some of the wider ones also have decent burn time. There are some very cheap lights on eBay but fair warning, I know at least 3 people who have had cheap battery packs explode on them while charging. Luckily they were doing it in the garage. This looks really good:­rm-pro-light

    And if I were buying again I'd be looking for something for off-road with an external battery pack so would probably go for this, or something similar:­lightweight-led-front-light


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