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  • I've been meaning to ask the vibrato question myself for ages. I started learning guitar in the early 90s and although i do a bit of widdlywiddlywiddly as the defacto "lead guitarist" in any of the punky/grungey/rock bands I've been in, I never really studied string bending or vibrato technique with any kind of intent.

    I then spent a long time being studiously anti-rockist and only playing noise and feedback solos too. The last ten years i've been playing mainly acoustic country and folky stuff, basically attempting a half arsed interpretation of David Rawlings. Loads of fun, but not a lot of vibrato. Or bending.

    Throughout all of this I never lost my love of classic 60s and 70s rock, i just never tried to play any of it. So when I decided to GO ELECTRIC and start teaching myself a load of classic rock solos in the last few years, only then did I realise just how crappy my technique was. I've basically been on a mission for the last couple of years to rectify this gross oversight. It's a long road man...


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