• Build time! Put the hardware back on the frame at lunch and hopefully will get a good chunk of the rest of the build done this evening. Cabling and chain can wait. Need to swap the tyres for some knobblies too.

    Really happy with how it's turned out, it's not perfect but it's my winter road bike and it'll be getting ridden around a muddy field in a few days, so I'm not going to be too precious about it. It's got a Tester low profile top cover so I've gained another 20mm drop potential at the front. Realised I've stuck the Specialized text on back to front so it's not readable from the driveside, oh well.

  • Thanks! It's nice to bring some fresh enthusiasm and life to an old bike. Worked out that it's the frame I've ridden the most miles on of any I've had, I've got a soft spot for it.

    The light's a bit poor for photos but I've got all the bits on it this evening, minus cables, chain and final adjustments.


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