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  • Next project: commuter bike to leave at the station overnight

    • 700C (?)
    • Mudguards
    • Rack (?)
    • Dirt cheap
    • Preferably ugly

    To be used for roughly 35 mintues per day.
    Shouldn't be hard finding something with the specs above, given this is the Netherlands and these bikes are literally everywhere...

  • roughly 35 mintues per day

    Is over 5 hours per week if you're making the journey daily, so it's probably best to go for an 'inexpensive parts bin build' which will end up far too nice to be locked at the station... it's the bike nerd's eternal problem.

  • It's about 18 minutes one way, so technically only 3 hours (as for 5 days).
    Original plan was using the Minerva for the purpose, but it's not too subtle, nor particularly functional. The dream would be catching a CrMo touring bike from the golden 1990-95 era for less than €50-ish, tossing a high rise stem and some comfy bars on and letting it rip.

    +Heldring +zigbit
    Thanks lads, appreciated!


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