• Found a studio.

    Any set builders/designers here? Trying to cost something. Need to build 4 (down from 6) 'rooms'.

    The rooms are going to be just two walls, shooting into a corner sort of thing. Wall height 3m. Wall width 3m and 4m. So 4 x walls that are 4m wide 3m tall, and 4 x walls that are 3m wide and 3m tall. These all need to be painted. Each room is a different colour.

    At the moment I'm speaking to a supplier who uses Aluvision and can print onto seamless non gloss fabric at £50 per square meter. That's about £4200. He hasn't stated whether this cost includes install or the actual Aluvision frames or is just the printing. In the meantime I'm just trying to see if I could hire a scenic artist to come and knock up some flats from timber, ply and scenic canvas, then paint them. And whether I could get those 4 x rooms done for less than £4200.


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