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  • Some friends & I had been saving up leave all year hoping that travel restrictions might be eased a little & we've kind of backed ourselves into a corner with not much year left & not many places to go. So the other day we ended up booking return flights to Croatia (Zadar) for a fortnight, & it's been up to me to figure out the route.

    This is what I have so far - Komoot.

    We'll be bikepacking with road bikes with chunkier tyres (~32mm) so hoping that's sufficient for the road surfaces/minimal gravel sections included. Going to try & wildcamp most of the time (though presence of bears is a bit scary) with the odd proper campsite/hotel if & when we find them.

    Anyone toured Croatia before? Any route critique/Croatian experiences welcome!

  • Cheers for the headsup! I'm not much of a fan of spiders at the best of time anyway, so hopefully my natural keeping-them-at-arms-length will help there.


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