• The RHS magazine tells me now is a good time to seed bare patches of grass. It’s not exactly Wembley, plenty of moss and uneven patches that show up when I cut the grass, but I’m not that bothered. That said, is it worth doing anything else in addition to seeding the bits that were under lavender and other bushes that are now cut back?

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  • Big bag of grass seed to get a good coverage, manure/compost to cover the new seeds and give them a kick start and a fork to aerate it all should see you right.
    The whole lawn looks a little patchy so I would fork it all, sow some seeds and give it a good covering of miracle grow/compost or whatever whilst you’re at it

  • I'd get some ferrous sulphate on and follow @Tenderloin advice in the spring. Scarification would work wonders then too.


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