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  • I have to attend a meeting in Geneva a week on Monday.

    It's in the morning, so I'll fly out Sunday, have the meeting and return to the airport directly afterward, then fly home.

    Or - that's how I'd have done it in the old days.

    Now I presume that I have to do the following :

    • Ensure that I have my proof of double vaccination
    • Get a PCR test before I fly out
    • Fill out the PLF stuff
    • Get another PCR test before I fly back - this is the part I'm concerned about, as I'm assuming I need to wait for the results?
    • Switzerland is green, which means another PCR test on or before day two of my return

    So! Three PCR tests, two in the UK and one in Switzerland, sound about right?

  • You only need Antigen to get back into the UK, cheaper than PCR test. Dunno rules for Genevaland but if you were double jabbed you didn't need a test to get into Spain.

    Oh and I needed a single Day 2 test back in the UK but didn't need to isolate.

    Both Spain and UK had their own Passenger Locator stuff that needed filling out.


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