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  • After a new frame and I'd like a Palace R, which seems unlikley. So what else should I be looking at, is there any alloy crit frame only options I should be looking at?

  • Cannondale 12, Bowman Palace 3, kinesis Aithein.
    There's also CAAD 13, Specialized Allez Sprint, Trek Emonda ALR.
    Do you really need alloy? Seems like high end alloy frames are getting abondoned by big bike brands in favor of cheap carbon. Easy pickings on few years old carbon frames now that all buyers downgraded to integrated disc braked chariots.

  • That’s because cheap carbon frames are cheaper to make than nice alloy frames at the same price point. And to most consumers, the carbon frame seems more premium and exotic.

    Give me an £800 alloy frame over an £800 carbon frame any day of the week.

    When utilized properly, aluminum or scandium are wonderful materials to make a frame out of.


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