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  • Self circulating extractors are pretty good, though mostly for smell and grease extraction. Opening windows is a must.

    I just installed an extractor hood where the recommended ducting is 200mm!
    We’ve reduced down to 150mm solid plastic ducting, and then converted to 220mm rectangular ducting on the ceiling of the garage. Double wall brick with adapter and butterfly valve in one of the connectors.

    Took builders almost a day to do it, as well as cutting bricks out, mortaring the air bricks in etc. Quite involved work.

  • Went for flatter ducting so that it’s easier to box in later if I wanted.

    Couldn’t run it right in the corner of the wall because there is a plate for the steel beam, knocking out bricks close to it didn’t seem wise.

    Extractor is Max 1350m³/hr so needed larger than normal ducting.


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