• Just been booted off Nextdoor after a few hours of membership. You're supposed to use your real, full name! Fuck that. I annoyed the anti-LTN nutters with some logic, so they reported me. I suppose it's heartening that their tactics are so desperate. The argument is over. They really are such ignorant, ill-educated vermin.

  • I got a letter from next door months ago telling me to join, just has a look at it and my god it's dull

  • They really are such ignorant, ill-educated vermin.

    Ah that would be the eternal foxes/cats/pigeons 'debates' that brings out the full range of 'shoot the evil bastards ' Ted Nugents camp to the often very reasonable but fluffy and inarticulate environmentalists . Loads of 'I'm just expressing my opinion no need to be rude' tedium.
    You can have some fun with it but don't get too smart arsed - tailor your responses to your audience and they may let you stay.
    I thought I'd package a few recurring topics into a foxes discussion - my contribution went like this -

             *I saw one of them foxes looking at my car in a funny way the other day so I reported it to the police but typically they weren't interested.*

    Someone replied that I should be reported for wasting police time.

    Quite childlike really.

  • Nextdoor

    No-one should sign up for that. It's the anti-social media capture of existing neighbourhood networks usually run by people independently on well-moderated mailing lists.


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