• There’s more coming back…Way back when I was trolling The Nuge, I was also bothering the football hooligan forums run by Paul Dodd. This was where hooligans would arrange fisticuffs at various locations, trips to the seaside etc. Me and a couple of mates would sow disruption and silliness to stop the violence, bait the violent organised criminal organisations, and generally behave like absurd keyboard warriors.

    Simple stuff seemed to really trigger them.
    User Name: Big Frank
    My Sock Puppet usernames: #1Big Frank, Original Big Frank, The Real Big Frank, Gigantic Frank, Even Bigger Frank, Miniscule Frank.
    This in itself would send Big Frank into a rage. The best bit was you could just use another forum goers username and arrange all kinds of fun activities like gloryhole parties or hog fucking…all in their name.

    Threats of ultra violence and “claret everywhere” ensued.

    Security and logins were so basic that banning was nearly impossible and it was administered by a junkie football hooligan, so it ran and ran until the authorities shut it down & the nutters went to MySpace.


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