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  • No poo shovel. Use your knife.

  • Not that I carry a knife (they won't let me) but digging holes with it is not how I would treat it if I did carry one.


  • Who won't let you?

    I bought a fine poo shovel for my last big trip. Only 52 grams.­equipment-c3/washroom-c14/washroom-acces­sories-c20/backpackers-trowel-p268

    But it was huge, so I gave it to a couchsurfing host (without ever using it) because I was carting far too much junk around. My strategy for the next big trip is to have a small pocket knife for best, and big cheap one to be abused. And a sharpening stone and a strop to achieve peak sharpness. I've got the strop all worked out. It's this. I made one and it's BRILLIANT. For travelling I'll carry the denim and drawing pins and a small bottle of polish, and make a rough single use board when necessary.

    I don't have a sharpening stone yet - I'm going to get a Sharpening Lesson. So every time I dig a hole with my big knife I'll have the satisfaction of using my sharpening skilz. And if I meet anyone with a metal trowel I'll put an edge on it so they can use it to decapitate foes.

  • Do none of you people look at the gardening thread or the knife porn thread?

    Y'all be looking for a hori-hori.


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