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  • What do people think of the MiniMODs 2->3 sprocket kit?

    The backstory:
    I have a 6spd bromp which is generally great - the two middle gears 51"/63" are a nice combo for cruising around south London - but I want the 33" granny gear to be a bit lower to get up more hills further afield when carrying a little more weight.

    The Brompton suggested 44t chainring would give me a granny gear of 29", but my middle gears would be 45"/56" (and then 71"/87"), which is going to suck.

    However, a 47t chainring and the 12/15/17t MiniMODS triple would give me a better granny at 29", whilst keeping the middle gears of 51"/64" - and it's a ton cheaper than the amazing rohloff or whatever options.

    What's the catch, then? Other than - how do I figure out what chain length I need...?

  • MiniMODs 2->3 sprocket kit?

    I'm looking to get this to put onto a single speed for my GF. Really interested to know anybody's experience with how well it works?

    What shifter were you thinking of using for the 3 speed sprocket?

  • If you only want very low gears occasionally, a double chainset is the way to go. No front mech needed.

  • fitted a few, friction shifter is best sunrace m90 for sure

    the system requires a bit more fine tuning, either fit an alfine or just hold out for brompton to progress; there was a prototype sold on ebay last summer with a different style DR system and a press release recently had the same style system on the photo (press release not about the DR)


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